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Please review the following for your booking!
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We make pictures look bright with lots of light and vibrant colors. The photo comparison you see below is a comparison between our standard HDR style edit and Natural HDR blend edit. 

Note: If no decision regarding the editing style is made, our system will automatically default to the HDR style edit.

HDR Style

Our default editing style

Pros: Vibrant Colors, Bright and White Look, Eye Catching

Cons: Color inaccuracies (Especially if daylight white bulbs are not used or mixed color light like sunlight with yellow bulbs), could be perceived as overly edited or virtually staged.

Natural Style

Pros: More Accurate Colors and looks realistic

Cons: Looks less vibrant and bright compared to HDR 

Choose your editing style!

Kindly choose your desired editing style through the booking form, or contact us at 647-905-8001 or via email at, specifying your editing preferences (please include the address) before the photoshoot.

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