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For all the areas in the home!

Cleaning Tips!

  • Clean the whole house

    • Vacuum carpet, mop floors, a clean countertop, and clean windows)​

  • Replace all burned-out light bulbs

  • Use same temperature lighting (all incandescent or all compact fluorescent)

  • Open blinds or curtains to let in max sunlight

  • Make the beds

  • Remove unnecessary rugs to reveal flooring!

  • Place all shoes and jackets in the closet

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Turn all TV's off

  • Turn all computer screens off

  • Store away any personal photos

Carrying Cleaning Supplies


Online 'Curb Appeal'!

Home Exterior


  • Close garage doors

  • Remove cars from the driveway 

  • General landscaping

    • mow, trim shrub, clear leaves​

  • Empty pots should be removed

  • Remove cobwebs and eaves from door frames

  • Roll up any loose water hoses

  • Take away any toys, balls, goal posts etc.


  • Tidy up tables and chairs and clean up the porch

  • Replace or remove any faded cushions and couches 

  • Clean up the pool

  • Hide any pool cleaning supplies

  • Turn on any fountain or water features

  • Remove any visible water hoses

  • Remove trash cans

Home Deck


Attention to detail!

Modern Kitchen

Chef's corner

  • Countertops need to be cleaned completely 

    • Take out any knife blocks, baking supplies, mail etc.​

  • Take out all small appliances and just leave out a commonly used one (Coffee maker)

  • Take out all refrigerator magnets, papers, photos etc.

  • Garbage cans should be hidden in the pantry or closet

  • Remove dishes from the sink, place in dishwasher

Dinning Table

  • Clear and polish table

  • Use a plate set that is decorative

  • Accent the table with a centrepiece (Flowers)

  • Chairs should be straightened and even looking

  • Remove child seats and booster chairs

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Family room

Aka the living room! a space to spend quality time with family & friends!

White and Grey Living Room

living space

  • Magazine stacks should be removed including mail

  • De-clutter the fireplace mantel ( Include any art)

  • Pillows and cushions should be arranged and fluffed

  • Remove any toys 


A place for you to rest!

Master bedroom

  • The bed should be made including decorative pillows

  • Bed linens and bed skirts should be pressed

  • Nightstands should be cleared of all personal items

  • Charging stations should be stored away

  • Remove clutter from top of dressers

  • Family photos should be removed

  • Clean up under the bed any items that could show in photos 

Sunny Bedroom
Nursery Room

kids bedroom

  • Any personalized names on the wall should be removed

  • Stickers and posters should be removed

  • Diaper bags and toys should be taken out

  • Clean the underneath of the bed and take out anything that might show in photos


Make it like a spa!

keep it clean

  • Countertops should be cleared No soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc.

  • Put toilet seats down

  • Closet doors should be closed

  • Shampoos, soaps, loofahs should be removed from the bathtub

  • Put new towels that are decorative

  • Remove floor mats

Blue Bathroom


We love pets but their presence in a photoshoot should be minimized

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

fur babies

  • Pet water bowls should be put in the pantry or closet

  • Pet toys should be put in the closet

  • Clear the backyard of any pet waste/toys

Empty room?

While staging helps it could be expensive but no worries we have alternatives

Your home is like a product you are trying to sell!

Marketing correctly is important to each specific buyer. It is important to optimize your home for a future buyer. 

Virtual Staging is an alternative we provide in order to digitally stage a home with actually furnishing it. 

Click the link below to learn more!

Virtual Staging

What to expect?

Things you can expect when our experts arrive for a shoot!

Food Photographer


We look forward to taking photos of your home!

We confirm with the realtor if the cleaning and staging are complete before our arrival. We try to stay as efficient as possible since we are working on a schedule with shooting multiple properties a day. Hence we cannot spend unnecessary time waiting for the place to get cleaned. 

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