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Drone Photography

Drone photography is a fairly new technology that has been increasing in popularity over the past few years.


Drone photography is a fairly new technology that has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Many real estate professionals are beginning to use drone photography to showcase their properties to potential buyers. There are many advantages and benefits of using drone photography for real estate purposes.

Using drone photography in real estate allows potential buyers to see a property from a different perspective. They are able to see the property in its entirety and get a better feel for the layout and size of the land. In addition, drone photography can be used to show features of the property that may be difficult to see from ground level.

Drone Photography


Drone photography is extremely important for real estate photography. It can showcase the location, neighbourhood, amenities around the area, how close the access is to the highway, and much more. This also provides potential buyers with a new perspective of the property that is very attractive when viewing listings. Drone photos often look very cinematic and help landlords and realtors to compete with other listings.


Including drone photography in your listing will help potential buyers to stop and view your listing, as well as keep them engaged. If you are looking to make your listing stand out from others on the market, then drone photography is a great option.


As a realtor you need to showcase the amenities nearby and how the property looks from different perspectives to help buyers make an informed decision. A video clip along with drone photography will help you gain a competitive advantage in today's market.


If you are a landlord, then it is important to show off the location and neighbourhood in the best possible light. Having drone photography as part of your listing will help you achieve this and make your listing stand out. potential tenants will be able to see exactly what the property has to offer before even stepping foot inside.


Overall, drone photography is extremely important for real estate photography. It provides potential buyers with a new perspective, can make your listing stand out, and can help you gain a competitive advantage. If you are looking to improve your listings, include drone photography they will thank you for it.

Drone Photography

How can drone photography help commercial properties?

Commercial real estate is a complex and ever-changing industry, and brokers need to stay ahead of the curve to be successful. One way they can do this is by using drone photography to get a better view of listed properties.


Drones offer a unique perspective that can help potential buyers see a property in a new light. They can also be used to capture video footage that can give buyers a virtual tour of a property. This can be especially helpful for out-of-town buyers who can't visit the property in person.


You can also show the area to see its density and location near the highway, what the area and traffic look like, and if it is near other businesses or in a remote location. Also helps buyers have a visual of the surrounding commercial units in order to see if their business would fit in.


Overall, drones can provide a lot of valuable information for both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. And as the technology continues to advance, it's likely that we'll see even more uses for drones in this industry.

Drone Photography

Why include drone videos in your listing video?

There's no doubt that drone videos are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry. And it's no wonder why: research shows that including drone footage in your listing video can have a significant impact on sales.


In fact, a study by Kissmetrics revealed that websites that use video on a home or product feature page saw an increase in sales of between 64% and 85%.


Furthermore, MLS research has shown that properties with aerial photography sell about 68% faster than homes using standard photographs.


Most importantly, drone costs have decreased significantly in recent years, and most experienced professional real estate photographers now offer aerial imaging services.


So should you use professionally shot drone photography or video to help sell your listings?


These four factors will help you quickly evaluate if aerial photography and/or video could benefit your listing:


1) Curb Appeal: Is the property's exterior visually appealing? If not, a drone video may not be the best way to showcase it.


2) Location: Is the property located in a desirable neighbourhood? If so, aerial footage can help highlight this.


3) Size: Is the property on the large side? If yes, then including drone footage can help potential buyers get a sense of the property's size and layout.


4) Unique Features: Does the property have any unique features that could be showcased with a bird's eye view? If so, then drone photography or video could be a great way to highlight these features.


If you answered "yes" to two or more of the above factors, then including professionally shot drone photography or video in your listing could be a great way to help sell your listing!

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