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Air Bnb Photography

We stand behind our service and quality of work. Boost your listing and help buyers fall in love with your property, one photo at a time. 

Why get professional photography for Air Bnb?

As an Air Bnb host, you want to give your listing the best chance to succeed. And one key way to do that is to make sure your listing photos are top-notch.


Professional photography can help you in a number of ways: from simply saving you time, to selling more consistently, and even increasing the value of your rental property.


Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits professional photography can bring to your Air Bnb business:


Saves you time: First and foremost, professional photography can save you a lot of time. If you're taking your own photos, it's likely that it's taking you longer to get them just right and then there is also the editing part that you need to focus on getting correct.


With professional photography, you can simply hand over the keys to someone whose job it is to get great photos of your property. And that means you can spend your time on other things – like running your business or enjoying your personal life!


Sells more consistently: Good quality photos can help you sell more rental days on average, and more quickly too. In fact, studies show that listings with professional photos tend to generate 35% more revenue than those without.


The reason for this is that potential guests are able to see exactly what they're getting when they book a stay at your place. There are no surprises and they know exactly what to expect. That peace of mind is worth a lot to many people – and it can lead to more bookings and repeat guests.


Sells your rental property faster: Not only will professional photography help you sell more rental days on average, but it will also help you to do so much faster. In fact, one study showed that listings with professional photos take an average of 50% less time to rent than those without.


This is likely because potential guests are able to see exactly what they're getting when they book a stay at your place. There are no surprises and they know exactly what to expect. That peace of mind is worth a lot to many people – and it can lead to more bookings and repeat guests.


Generates leads: Good quality photos can also generate leads for your business.


How can video benefit your Air BnB?

As a host on Air Bnb, one of the best ways to make your listing stand out is by having a video. Videos are much more impactful than photos and can help you reach a wider audience. A professionally made video will be carefully crafted to target your ideal guests and show off your property in the best light possible. It should be short and entertaining, while still providing all the relevant information potential guests might need. In addition, drone footage can be used to highlight the surrounding neighbourhood and give guests a better sense of what your property is like. All of this together can lead to more bookings and higher conversion rates. So if you're looking to take your Air Bnb listing to the next level, consider investing in a quality real estate photographer who has experience in video. You won't regret it!

How can 360 virtual tours benefit your air BnB listing?

Air Bnb is a popular platform for short-term rentals and having the right photography media is much needed to compete with other listings and stand out from the crowd. As we all know it is difficult to get a sense of what the place looks like in just pictures and reading a description. This is why virtual tours can be such a great way for potential guests to see what they will be staying in. Professional 360 tours make your Air BnB listing stand out from the crowd. They can also trigger guest emotions, they help you get more bookings, increase your income, and give worried guests more assurance.


Air Bnb hosts who have used 360 virtual tours as part of their marketing strategy have seen a significant increase in their bookings . And it makes sense – potential guests can get a realistic idea of what the space looks like and what to expect. This helps Air Bnb hosts screen guests better and also helps guests feel more comfortable about their stay.


If you're an Air Bnb host, 360 virtual tours should definitely be something you consider adding to your listing. They provide so many benefits and can really help you stand out from the competition and beat through the noise.



We strongly recommend our silver package with a location overview ($50) for Air Bnb listings.  This comes with a combination of various media each of which is vital to maximizing your Air Bnb listing.

  • HDR photos (Close up and wide-angle shots)

  • Drone Photography

  • Video with music and drone included 

  • 360 3D Tour

  • 10 Drone Photos

  • Sunset Digital Twilight Image

  • QR Code linking to a website we design

  • Location Report of the amenities

  • Property Website optimized for mobile use.

Click the link below to book your Air Bnb Photography shoot with us today.

Real estate photography that is HDR is always complimented by good drone photos and videos. Click here to learn about our drone photography. Also, click here to view our article about real listing videos and how they can help you with your real estate listings

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