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The Importance of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Photos

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The real estate business has been flourishing drastically with all its shapes and shades. With the time being passed, the techniques that have been used in the industry have also been evolved. One of the essential instruments to allure the heed of traffic towards your business is real estate photography.

The Importance of Aerial Photography for Real Estate
The Importance of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Photos

“Photography is the language that can be understood anywhere in the world."

Photography is an art, every one of us is well known too! In the past few years, the rise in the span resulted in the elevation of photography techniques as well. Photography or photos has become an essence of real estate, and the most fundamental of this is Aerial photography or Drone photography.

Now before getting into the importance of aerial photography, let’s get to know about aerial photography.

What is Aerial photography:

It’s a type of photography, from an aerial view, getting the picture from way up in the air. It means getting the picture of a specific geographic area from a bird’s eye view. You can either take the photographs using a helicopter, a parachute, or a hot air balloon flying up in the air and using a highly accurate camera.

3 things to be focused on in Aerial photography

There always have been some instructions to follow before you dive into something new! Here are some of the tips that might be helpful for a drone photographer

1. Equipment

The first step is getting the necessary tools for the best exposure. Some of the important tools are an advanced Drone, a Gimbal (the stand beneath the drone to carry the camera), a high definition DSLR camera, a transmitter, batteries, and other accessories.

2. Learn to fly

You bought all the essential stuff; the next step is to learn how to fly because an untrained drone photographer can probably face difficulties.

3. No-fly zones and drone flying regulations

The most important part of the process is getting your drone registered and knowing about the drone flying regulation according to local law. You also need to learn about the no-go zones of your locality. Otherwise, you have to pay heavy fines.

Importance of aerial photography for realtors

Drone photography has made the ground easier for real estate brokers. Now you don’t need to take your buyer all the way long to the location! With the help of this facility, you can give a plane-like journey experience to your buyers. And technology lover buyers will appreciate this method because you have saved their time and have given them an innovative experience.

Here are some reasons why Real Estate Drone Photos are remarkable:

It saves your money:

Drone photography is now cheaper and like a daily go! With a little effort, you can enjoy this luxury. Because, a few years back, aerial photography was done through helicopters that were quite expensive. You can now explore the aerial view of your real estate property through drone videos.

Detailing of the site:

Drone image or drone video can help you describe the minute details of your site or a house or any property. For example, suppose you're selling a house, and you're there for the photo-shoot. In that case, a traditional photo-shoot can help you take sideways or landscape photos of the location, but with the help of a drone camera, you can get a panorama view of every site. That will feel quite captivating!

Beat the competition:

Being with the trend is another important thing today! If you want to compete with the contemporary, then you have to follow the trend! And as everyone is aware of drones, photography in the real estate business is a hot cup of tea these days. So this will help you to keep up the pace in the industry.

Market your business:

You're now using the latest trends that will help you to showcase your skills in a better way. You can grab the attention of the people who are not living in your area just by presenting the aerial view of your property.

Social Media:

Social media is like something ruling the era! It is the best and one of the easiest ways of promoting your businesses. But how are you going to post or write every single detail of your property on Facebook or Twitter, or LinkedIn? A drone photographer can make your work easier! By posting the bird's eye view of your whole property through drone photographs, you can grab the attention of all your traffic out there.

So, here were some of the things that may help you out with attracting your clients through Aerial Photography for your real estate business.

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